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"Platinum Paint Protection treated our 355 Ferrari’s with their platinum paint protection bringing the paintwork back to life and in showroom condition, just like it was freshly painted.

All it took was one phone call and Platinum Paint Protection’s technicians came out to me, allowing me to carry on with my busy schedule uninterrupted.

I was most impressed with the care, the time taken and enthusiasm shown by the staff and have no hesitations at all recommending them to anyone else.”

Ben Fabretto - Ferrari Experience Hire & Tours

1. Get a Brilliant Deep Mirror Shine that lasts without waxing or polishing your car ever again!

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“It looks GREAT! Thanks Justin. You’re a real craftsman. You’re welcome to use me as a reference.”
Paul owns the blue Lamborghini Diablo SV (the other one in Australia is yellow).
He used to own “The Toy Shop” (a dealership for exotic cars) in Sydney.

Paul Halstead, Lamborghini Diablo

2. $$$ SAVE Hundreds of Dollars $$$
On the paint protection package your car dealer is offering.

I have to admit, I almost dismissed you as too cheap.  My BMW dealer had quoted me nearly four times as much as you. So I did my research and asked you all the hard questions….. and I’m glad I did. The car looks lovely.

Thanks again,

                                                                                                                  Vita Lowry (Silver BMW 3 Series)



"G'day Justin, I just thought I'd write a quick email to say thanks for the great job you did on the paint protection for my new Astra. It looks fantastic!! I was initially considering getting the paint protection done through Holden (They quoted $795!), however I'm really glad that I didn't go down that road. (No pun intended!). Thanks again for the good work and I'll keep you name in mind for any friends/relatives who may be interested. Kind Regards ,

Raff Pedretti - Point Cook

3. Dont Let Bird Droppings ,Tree Sap & Insect Acid Scar and Fade Your Paint.

"When purchasing my company car I was offered paint protection but chose not to spend the extra $1000. Parking my new car under a tree daily at my business was slowly destroying the paint as sap and bird droppings continuously layered the roof. This was near impossible to get off in a car wash and I could see the paint was fading slowly. Since getting my paint protected by Platinum for a very reasonable price, it cleans up beautifully with no work, coming back to its full shine each time."

Karen Matthews, The Yoga Tree, Glenhuntly

I was horrified when my freshly painted Skyline got acid rain all over it. Luckily Id had Platinum protect it so the acid rain just hosed off leaving . Platinum Paint Protection is worth doing to whatever car you have.

Carolyn Kruger, Keyboard Data Services.


Don't underestimate the value of your car's paintwork. It's VERY expensive to renew and is under constant threat from UV Rays, Fading, Bird Droppings, Insect Acid, Tree Sap, Acid Rain, Peeling, Frost, Oxidation (Chalking), Petrol & Diesel Fumes and other chemical nasties that will slowly eat away and destroy your finish.

Unless you protect your car's paint, it is only a matter of time before it starts to deteriorate from environmental damage. You lose that new car shine and dramatically reduce the re-sale value of your car.

One big bird dropping, left for just 24 hours can permanently etch your car's paint- leaving a mark that WON'T polish out. Having Platinum protect your whole car can cost LESS than having one panel resprayed. It’s cost-effective insurance… with a shine you can see everyday!

4. Wash your car for $1 in 12 minutes and have it look like you’ve just polished it.

With Platinum's Paint Protection, you can simply take your car to the local Car Spa and just spray it down with the high pressure rinse, then dry it.

It takes less than 12 minutes and costs $1.00

SuperCharged F150 Specially Imported from the US

"I had Platinum protect my regularly driven Ford F150 SVT Lightning. Two months later it was displayed on the Tower Audio stand at the 2005 Melbourne Auto Salon. To prepare it I washed it at home then drove it 1km down a dirt road and 50km into the Exhibition Centre. All around me were people spending hours polishing their cars but I didnt have to touch mine - it was already one of the shiniest cars there. It was unbelievable!.

I really like the deep sheen the paint has on it now. I noticed a big difference when I washed it. It’s so much easier to keep clean-especially with all the bugs that get splattered on it where I live. I can just hose off most of the dust and dirt and now I don’t have to worry about rubbing through the paint to get the bugs off it."

Brent Mathieson - Builder, Toolernvale

5. More Shine and More FREE time

“The number plate says “ILYKIT’, but really…I LOVE IT!
Especially when it’s so shiny.
Now it’s much easier to keep clean. I can concentrate on making it faster”

John Belfield – Weekend Racer, Narre Warren

"Nearly a year after having Platinum apply Paint Protection to my wife's new Renault, I bought a new Megane for myself. I soon found that, compared to my wife's car, washing mine took nearly twice as long, and it still didn't come up as smooth or shiny as her car. So, I had to get Platinum to protect mine too. It's already stopped several bird droppings from eating into my paint."

George Georgiou, Albert Park

“Now I can clean my limos in far less time than it used to take.
Really happy with the shine. They look fantastic.”

Mick Lundberg, ABA Limousines, Werribee

Car Paint Protection

Ever wondered why regular car waxes and polishes simply don't last ?

We all know what happens when wax gets warm - it gets soft and sticky! Then it traps dust and grit which spoils your car’s shine… and washing it won't dig it all out. Then, unless you strip off the old wax fully before you apply new stuff you'll actually seal in the grime!

The other problem is that to make wax spreadable on car paint, the makers use solvents to soften it and turn it into goo. This means that from the moment you spread a nice thick shiny layer of wax on your car, the solvents keep evaporating and the wax shrinks until it’s a thin layer- with the trapped grit poking out. Test it yourself- take a car that has been waxed then used for a week or two. Wash it carefully. Then run your hand over the roof… can you feel the slight roughness? Can you hear the SHHHHH sound your hand makes as it moves? Now try it on the side of the car…. Is it smoother? That’s because the dust and grit settle on the horizontal surfaces, and these usually get hotter, too.

Not only that, but Ultra Violet light breaks wax down and it loses its protective qualities in a matter of weeks, so…. you need to renew it frequently (lots of work).

It's just not a very effective way of protecting your cars paint and achieving a lasting shine for your investment. Modern industrial chemistry has invented a better alternative. You wouldn’t put a set of skinny tyres off Grandpa’s old car on your new car because you know they don’t work as well as modern tyres. It’s the same with wax and our Paint Protection.

Waxes are now obsolete.

Our paint protection outperforms them in every way.

Our proven paint sealant is actually a hard protective barrier that, unlike wax, is strengthened by the sun. It makes your paintwork feel super smooth and you get a high gloss showcar finish that conventional polishes can't match. You'll never need to wax or polish again (Think about what you’d rather be doing, all those times your car needs polishing, year after year), plus you get the best, most advanced paint protection available.

With Platinum Paint Protection, dirt has a hard time sticking to the paint so your car even stays clean for longer! When it does need a wash it's so quick and easy- you'll have more time for the things you'd RATHER be doing! And just watch the water bead off it. There's nothing easier! Nothing gives you more shine with less maintenance! And we all love a shiny car, right?

We all love a shiny car, right?

images      images

No Trick photography here just point and click with a cheap digital camera !

Does the Shine REALLY Last?


We applied our paint protection to these cars over 2 years ago. Recently the owners called us back to do some scratch and chip repairs. This is how they looked when we were done. As you can see the shine really does last.

At Platinum we use an
Ultimate 9 Step Process

and have always had a policy of:

“One Technician Per Car Per Day”.

We will NEVER have to rush your car so we can do somebody elses.
This is what sets us sets us apart from car dealer & their detailers.

Quick Story:
When you think about it theres no huge incentive for the car dealers to use the best Paint Protection because
It's not like some bloke's gonna take his Falcon down to a Toyota dealer and say.. "Hey you did my neighbours Corolla when he bought it from you, and it looks so good, I want you to do my Falcon too!"
Its just not gonna happen.
Moral of the story is:
Our business survives on referrals.
We do a great job on EVERY single car so that our clients WANT to refer their Family and Friends to us.
Want to Save even More ?
Ask us about our DIY Kits!
Preserve your New Car Lustre
Bring Back Your Used Cars Paint like New.

"At first I was a bit sceptical with regards to using the product on my pride and joy but I suppose I finally gave in to find that the product lived up to its demonstration at the GM show. It was a pleasure to use something that wasn't hard to obtain the final result. Once again thank you. "

Peter, Owner of Custom '57 Chev

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