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Thanks for the interest in who we are and what we do, … and How we got into the Paint Protection industry. Click the Audio Button below to hear more it’s not long only about 90 seconds. I’ve been a car nut since I was 3 years old and spent most of my working life in the automotive industry so it was a natural progression for me to start my own Paint Protection Business. Besides the Car Paint Protection industry, I love spending time with my family…. and I also sneak out some nights to do Stand Up comedy in venues all over town. The local paper even did a write up about it. Here it is:

Platinum Paint Protection Media Release

Love my family, comedy and cars.

Platinum Paint Protection is a family business. Alan Kirke is my brother in law and business partner. He’s the man behind all the Marketing, Promotions, and concept building. He’s a family man too (our kids love playing together) and his favourite pastime is reading. There’s a lot of satisfaction being in the Paint Protection Business. It’s a buzz when customers say: “Wow that’s a fantastic job! It looks even better than it did in the dealer’s showroom!” See more Photos in our Car Paint Protection Gallery Statistics show that about 80% of businesses (or more) close down in their first five years, but I believe the reasons we’ve been able to grow are simple: We always treat our clients with respect, provide great value for money and do a job that exceeds their expectations, because what they say about us is 100 times better than any tricky advertising and marketing methods. We never forget that you recommending us to your loved ones and friends is better than any advertising we could buy. Without this we would never have been able to grow into what we are today ….. a network of independent Paint Protection specialists Car Paint Protection Specialists in NSW, Sydney, VIC, Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo. WA, Perth, SA, Adelaide QLD, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast ACT, Canberra who all know that excellent workmanship has to be just the start of what we give our clients. You can contact me on 1300 66 18 33 or email me at info@platinumpaintprotection.com Mailing Address Platinum Paint Protection Justin McLean or Alan Kirke( Marketing) 16 Longfellow Avenue Mooroolbark 3138 Melbourne, Victoria ABN 71 210 389 937