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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Paint Protection 

Car Paint Prep

Car Prep is the Secret to a Great Shine.


“What is Paint Protection?”

Paint Protection” is a hard, glossy sealant which prevents etching and deterioration of you car’s paint. It’s far more durable than any wax or silicone. It’s been available for decades as the old “Ming Finish” or “Wynn’s Crystal Glaze” and new car dealers offer it as an extra when you buy a new car (they usually charge you at least $800 for it). There are many different brands, and even though they vary widely in chemical composiition all of them claim to be the best (which is pretty confusing). At Platinum we’re independent and fussy about keeping our customers happy long term so they can confidently recommend us to their family and friends. We’ve sorted the “wheat from the chaff” so you don’t have to. We have the ideal Paint Protection for your car. Call us if you want more detail.

“What does it do?”

  • It gives a car’s paint an amazing gloss and an incredibly slippery feel, protecting your car, and looking great.
  • Saves you time because you never need to wax or polish it again AND it’s a breeze to wash.
  • It protects your car from damage caused by bird droppings, tree sap, insect acid, Ultra Violet rays, fading, acid rain, peeling, frost, oxidation, petrol and diesel fumes.

Your car’s paint is expensive to renew and is a critical factor in determining its resale value. Paint Protection keeps your new car looking pristine and maximises its resale value.

“Why do car dealers charge so much more than you for Paint Protection?”

The reason the dealerships charge so much for Paint Protection is because you’re paying the owners, the salesperson you spoke to, the owners of the detailing company they use, the person who actually applies it to your car (although they don’t get very much) and there’s probably a few others in there I don’t know about. Most of these people never actually touch your car. Even if you’ve been quoted top dollar it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the best Paint Protection applied by a highly motivated, vastly experienced expert with nothing else to do that day but make your car look as good as humanly possible.

That’s what WE do. We’re happy for you to watch the whole process and ask any questions you like.

“Can you apply Paint Protection to cars that aren’t new?”

Yes. We do lots of them. You probably know that if you’re painting something, whether it’s a ceiling or a car, the quality of the finish is absolutely dependent on the preparation of the surface. That’s true with Paint Protection as well. It’s clear. You can’t hide anything under it. That means there’s usually a lot more preparation work involved getting the paint perfectly clean, repairing stone chips and expertly polishing any swirls and scratches. Many of our customers have said we’ve made their cars look better than they did when brand new.

“Why don’t car manufacturers include Paint Protection on all new cars?”

  • The paint needs time to cure fully before the application of Paint Protection, making it impractical to do on the production line.
  • The application process is best performed manually, which is too slow and too labour intensive for the production line.
  • Their Car Dealers already offer Paint Protection……. and they make a very good margin on it.

“Do you have a Guarantee?”

Yes! A 5 YEAR written guarantee. And there’s the option to extend it with annual maintenance.

“What happens if my car is damaged and needs panels repaired?”

A feature the Paint Protection we use (that I hope you’ll never need) is that it presents no problems for the repairer if your car is ever damaged, and we can always reseal the repainted panels for you. We recommend that you let your insurance company know when you have Paint Protection applied to your car so they’ll pay to have any repainted panels resealed.

“Do I still need to wax my car when it has Paint Protection?”

No. We recommend you DON’T wax over the top of your Paint Protection. The reason is because when wax gets warm it gets soft and sticky and can trap fine dust and grit. Added to this it breaks down when exposed to Ultra Violet light and shrinks as solvent evaporates out of it. All this dulls the shine and eventually leaves a layer of rubbish on top of your paint. You don’t need (or want) that. As a hard sealant Paint Protection can’t trap dust and grit… unless you put wax on top of it. Really, one of the best reasons to apply a good Paint Protection to your car is so you can escape the disadvantages of wax.


“What do I need to do to maintain Paint Protection?”

The good news is that it’s very easy. All you need to do is wash your car. Whether your car has Paint Protection or not you’ll want to minimise abrasion when you wash it and we’re always happy to talk you through the process. We even have a sheet of tips on the easy, economical way to keep your pride and joy clean and scratch free and we give you a copy when we Protect your car.