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Car Interior Protection

Your Dealer Has Also Offered Interior Protection For Your New Car.

Car Interior Protection What is Car Interior Protection & Do I need It?

  • Do we offer that too?
  • What exactly is it?
  • Do you need it?
  • Let’s answer these one at a time….


What is Car Interior Protection?

Car Interior Protection consists of two products, one for the  Leather & Vinyl and another for the  Fabric & Carpet. The Leather and Vinyl Protectant prevents staining and keeps these materials soft and supple, which prevents cracking.  It’s applied to leather seats, steering wheels, dashboards, door trims, etc. The Fabric Protection prevents staining and makes it easy to mop up any oil or water based spills. It also reduces wearing on the fabric or carpet.  It’s applied to the carpets (including the boot/load area and floormats) and any fabric door trims, seats, etc. There are many brands available. Feel free to call us and discuss it so you can make an informed choice.

Do we Offer Car Interior Protection?

Yes, we do.

Do I Need Car Interior Protection?

Perhaps. If you’ll be carrying young kids and/or pets in your new car it’s a great idea for the stain protection and ease of cleaning. If you’re getting seat covers for all the seats and mats to cover all the carpets it may not be good value for you. Feel free to call us and discuss your situation. 1300 661 833.