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DIY Car Paint Protection

DIY Paint Protection for New Cars

If you’re used to looking after the appearance of your car and are keen to save even more by doing it yourself we can help. Not all Paint Protection is easy to apply properly but there is an excellent product which is remarkably simple- with a bit of patience and attention to detail plus plenty of “elbow grease” you’ll get a result you can be proud of. Allow plenty of time. If you’ve polished a car before you already have the skills.

We do recommend that for best results you’ll need to apply the Paint Protection as soon as possible after you pick up your new car from the dealer (…. before the birds can get to it). This will minimise the amount and difficulty of the preparation work you’ll need to do. If you Protect it as soon as you get it home and your dealer’s detailers have done a good job you should get away with just giving it a thorough wash and using masking tape to cover any textured mouldings.


DIY Paint Protection for Used Cars

If your car isn’t new it’s not so easy.

You probably know that if you’re painting something, whether it’s a ceiling or a car, the quality of the finish is absolutely dependent on the preparation of the surface. That’s true with Paint Protection as well. Unless your car has just been expertly detailed and polished, it’s likely to take a lot more preparation work than a new car (Eg: stonechip repairs, “claying”, 3 stages of expert polishing to remove scratches and swirl marks).

Now, if you have the skills and equipment to do that, great. You’ll find the Paint Protection childs play to apply as well.

If not we can do all that for you. Contact us for a quote what you need done.

If you’ve just had your car repainted, you’re best to allow four weeks for the paint to cure fully before you seal it with Paint Protection.


DIY Paint Protection Kits

We have two types of DIY kits with exactly the same Paint Protection we’ve used on Ferraris, comprehensive instructions and even a mobile number in case you need any “tech support” (even on a Sunday). Our Basic Kit is just the Paint Protection and our Deluxe Kit has interior protection (ie, Leather & Vinyl Protection plus Fabric & Carpet Protection), shampoo, Drywash and a bonus bottle of wheel treatment as well.

Note that our Paint Protection guarantee applies only to cars Protected by us and not DIY applications but if you follow the instructions there’s no reason it wouldn’t last just as long for you as it does for us.

To order one of our kits or discuss if this is the best option for you, please contact us ASAP (because we always like to get to new cars Protected before the birds get to them).




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